How often is this site updated?
Changes, updates, and new material are posted to this site daily. However, not every page is updated daily.
What Browsers and Plug-ins do I need?
Preferred Web Browsers
The KATS Web site is built using technologies to maximize speed, security and usability for our visitors. For optimum performance, we recommend that you view our site using the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla. As we develop our site, we continually test with and optimize for these browsers. You can download our recommended browsers from the following sites:
Browser Plug-Ins
Using a variety of technologies, gives you a dynamic Web experience that's fast and easy to use. The following plug-ins, all available via free downloads, will help you get the most out of KATS Web site:
Why does the text look so small/large and how to make it readable?
For some visitors, our Web site may appear to have a different size font than they are used to. If this is the case, your Web browser might be configured to display text in a larger or smaller font than normal. To adjust the font size, look for the following icon to adjust your text option

Increase text size
​Reset text size
​Decrease text size
Change text colour to blue, green or red
What does NRE do to make its Web site accessible?

Website Accessibility
We strive to make the site to comply as fully as possible with web standards outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium. Our site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for screen and print layouts. Our use of a CSS-driven layout and formatting should make this site accessible to most modern web browsers and specialized browsing environments used by the visually or physically impaired.
We recognize that even though we've done our best to ensure our site renders as consistently as possible, imperfections and errors are bound to appear. If you have any issues in terms of access to our content, please contact us at webmaster[at]nre[dot]gov[dot]my or through our feedback form.
How do I download PDFs?
KATS publishes many documents in Media Centre and Publications page, in Portable Document Format (PDF). This allows these documents to be downloaded and printed with their original formatting intact. These files require the Adobe Acrobat® Reader (Version 5.0 or higher) to be viewed and printed. This reader is free and may be downloaded from the Adobe Web site.
How do I download/view PowerPoint files?
KATS occasionally provides copies of PowerPoint presentations on the Web site. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can still view these documents by using the PowerPoint Viewer. This software is free and may be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.
How do I search for...?
KATS 's search engine is an easy way to find the information you are seeking.
Our Search supports both Wildcards and Boolean Operators when performing search queries.
You can enter a query like this directly into the search box:
This would return results that had keywords that started with “biodiversity” – it is very useful when you don’t know the exact spelling of something or you couldn’t remember the exact name of a keyword.  Also, with the new addition of the refinement panel you could start off with a very broad wildcard search and then refine your results to quickly get exactly the results you are looking for.
Boolean Operators
This means that you can use things like “AND”, “OR”, parenthesis, =, >, <, <=, >= 
 Here’s an example of the type of query you could run using the syntax:
 (“KATS ” AND “biodiversity”)
Boolean Operators have been around for a while but are usually only used by search power users. While wildcard searches allow users to do very broad searches, Boolean Operators allow users to do very specific searches so they can quickly find the results they are looking for that meet their search criteria.
Why can't I find what I am looking for?
Due to the large volume of content available on the KATS Web site, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for. There are several tools available to assist you in finding what you are looking for such as the site map search engine for Collection of KATS Parliament Q & A,  drop down filter for Staff Directory, Publication and Speeches.
 Example of drop down filter for Publication