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Environmental Main Goal Main Strategies
National Environment Policy, Climate Change Policy and National Environmental Quality Act 1974 is the basis of environmental management in our country. Department of Environment (DOE) to enforce the Environmental Quality Act while the Division of Environmental Management and Climate Change (BPASPI), NRE is responsible for the policies relating to environmental and climate changes such as the National Environmental Policy and the National Climate Change Policy. In order to implement environmental programs or projects that benefit the global environment effectively, NRE also optimize resources while ensuring that the international financial obligations of countries in various international environmental conventions met to preserve the good image of the country.

There is 11 goals has identified below this Main Field (Environment);
  1. Emission Reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
  2. Development of Malaysian Environmental Performance Index (EPI)
  3. Utilizing Global Environment Facility Fund (GEF) for Global Environmental Benefits
  4. Strengthen Environmental Quality Act (1974)
  5. Strengthen Enforcement Activities
  6. Enhancing Water Quality
  7. Enhancing Marine Water Quality
  8. Enhancing Air Quality
  9. Protecting Ozone Layer
  10. Development of Environmental Awareness and Commitment Index
  11. Enhance Awareness on Environment and Climate Change
There is 5 strategies has identified this Main Field (Environment);
  1. Encouraging Low Carbon Society
  2. Environmental Performance Measurement
  3. Fund Management of the Global Environment Facility (GEF5)
  4. Enforcement of the Environmental Quality Act
  5. Environmental Education and Awareness



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